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Social media plays an integral role in the growth of any business. Having a digital presence means customer acquisition is at the click of a mouse. According to 90 percent of marketing experts, social media marketing strategies substantially enhance business exposure. That’s why our guide includes Five Social Media Strategies for Businesses.

Distinguish your Target Audience

Social media will not bring you any customers until you have distinguished your target audience. Marketing to the right audience is the key to generating leads and revenues. Nearly half (49 percent) of surveyed people revealed that they were targeted incorrectly. Resultantly, 42 percent unsubscribed from the brand, while 24% blocked the brand right away. This might appear harsh, but put yourself into the shoes of customers.

Ask yourself whether you’ll buy a product or service which is irrelevant to you. Analyzing competitors, using google analytics, and conducting market research are a few effective ways to identify a target audience. So, it’s critical to create a customer profile for your business that shortlists the demographics of your target audience. Targeting the right audience can significantly improve the quality of leads while building a strong brand identity. 

Bring forward Unique Offers

Analyze your competitors to bring forward unique offers and promotions. Your business will grow by many folds if you are one step ahead of your competitors. Give your customers better quality at lower prices. Offer promotions that add value to their lives and turn them into loyal customers. Being unique will always give you an advantage over your competitors.  Always ensure to add personalization to these offers. According to a McKinsey study, a whopping 71 percent of customers expect personalization from the business. If provided, companies see a 10-15 percent boost in revenues.

Be Regular and Follow the Trends 

Consistency is the key to locking in more clients via social media. Regularly post content on your social media and always keep an eye on the trends. The quickest way to hack the algorithm and get crazy reach on your social media is by following the trends. Always generate content that is relevant to your potential customers. In addition to that, engage with your audience on a regular basis. Make sure that your customers know that you acknowledge their opinion.

Run Campaigns and Promotions

Online marketing can assist you in globalizing your business with low operating costs. You can always rely on the opinions of expert digital marketers if you want to run effective campaigns and promotions. If you are able to effectively market your business online, your social media will get significant recognition. Ultimately, getting recognition will convert your target audience into long-term customers. 

Opt for the Right Platforms

Every social media platform has a different audience. The audience of Instagram is not similar to the audience of youtube. Their interests, opinions, and demographics vary from each other. The same goes for other social media platforms. So, investing your time and money in platforms with an audience relevant to your business is essential. Otherwise, your business will lose more and gain less. For instance, Neal Schaffer’s research showed that Instagram is dominated by the 25-34 years age group, with 51.8 percent of the male audience. While Pinterest has a 78 percent of female audience, having a majority age range of 50-64 years. 


It’s high time for businesses to deploy strategies that assist them in growing their online presence and clientele. If you want to get experts on board for the above-mentioned strategies, then Eighteen Webs have got your back. From growing your social media to designing your website, our professionals have got everything covered.

Social Media Strategies for Businesses Social Media Strategies for Businesses Social Media Strategies for Businesses Social Media Strategies for Businesses

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