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Speed is a fundamental factor that can boost your website ranking. It is hard for users to stay on the website, particularly when browsing through mobile and the site takes more than 3 seconds to load. Many sites lose their ranking just because users switch to the following site due to slow loading time.

Google search and Ad team introduce new initiatives to boost the website’s speed and improve user experience with SEO perspective. Both initiatives emphasize that site owners and developers should not miss the opportunity to rank websites and pay attention to the necessary tools.

Let’s know all about page speed and its importance for your site

What does the Page Speed term refer to?

Page Speed means a time frame when any website page is downloaded from the website hosting and displayed onto the web browser requested. Page loading time implies the duration between clicking on the website link and its display on your web browser completely.

However, if the website is loading slow and taking time to display the content, it can result from many things like a server issue. No matter the reason, users do not like the slow website, and mostly they turn back and search for another site.

Google does not tolerate low website speed and its effect on the website rankings. Sometimes as a penalty, Google does not index the site for its low speed and poor website maintenance.

Normally a website is considered slow when it takes more than 0.3 seconds to load the complete page. The time, in fact, dictates the competitive advantage for online businesses.

Here one thing is essential to note that according to the statistics, page speed is an important factor in determining the success rate of your business because around 47% of consumers expect that a website should load in 2 seconds at the maximum.

According to the statistics, around 52 % of mobile users bounce back from the sites, which take more than 3 seconds to load the website. It isn’t perfect for the website and its ranking, respectively.

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Importance of Page Speed:

Here we have gathered a list of speed importance for any website

1.    Ranking Factor:

First and foremost is the improvising the speed of a website is essential for many reasons, and among the top is the Ranking Factor. A slow website means an increase in the number of bounce rates. Eventually, it means low user experience, and Google considers all of these as bad factors for SEO optimization and does not rank the site.

Speed is now the most important factor which is used as a ranking factor for mobile searches. Users want a quick response to their queries and wish to surf data as fast as possible. The statistics show that people care a lot about the loading time of pages on the website, and that is why it was announced in 2018 that speed would be a crucial ranking factor the mobile searches, among the other elements.

Are you looking to do business in the online world and create a website that fulfills all the ranking factors? Then you must create a website free of any errors and bugs that leave an effect on the site speed.

2.    Improvise the conversion rate:

Apart from ranking, the website’s speed is vital in many ways, like improvising the conversion rate of your business. As we said earlier, 53% of mobile users would leave the website if it does not load in less than 3 seconds, which means an increase in bounce rate and a decrease in conversion rate.

Amazon has conducted tests and page speed analysis, which showed that if the average website page load time decreases by 1 second, the annual sale will decrease by 1.6 billion dollars. So to increase the sales and conversion rates, it is essential to make your website speedy.

3.    Enhance user-experience:

Website speed is an essential factor for UX design, and nowadays, the demand for a website with optimal performance has increased. With lots of options available, users have become impatient, every device and technology they use is stunningly fast, and slow sites dull their browsing experience.

Therefore, to provide the best to the visitors of your site, it is necessary to concentrate on two things:

  • Deliver the best relevant content which your user comes seeking on your site
  • Secondly, provide the best speed they expect from your website. Web design is important factor here

Let’s wrap it up:

Ranking, user experience, and conversion all are important factors to run a successful business. If the website does not rank, you will not get any of the other benefits from your website. It is important to take help from experts –

We provide services like web design, web maintenance, SEO, Social management, and much more. We will ensure that your site will run at the speed of light and provide every opportunity to do better. So what are you waiting for? Get Started to touch the new horizons of success! Feel free to contact us for queries, services, and affordable rates.

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