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If you’re a website or a business owner, you would know what important role Google SERP plays these days.

As a matter of fact, Google receives more than 80 bn traffic per month and dominates the internet almost entirely. Even 46 percent of product searches start with Google. Therefore, it is no mystery that your business growth directly correlates to your google SERP.

The internet is loaded with strategies for improving Google search engine results, but most of them are either outdated or don’t work at all. In this article, we’re going to discuss the top leading factors that can help you dominate Google SERPs.


You might often hear people say backlinks are dead, but let us tell you that is far from the truth. Backlinks are relevant clickable links that take you from one website to another and help Google find value in your content.

If your website has relevant backlinks from prominent websites, it will be a crystal clear sign to Google that your website is adding to an average user’s experience. According to Hubspot, links are among the top two criteria considered in the ranking algorithm. So, backlinks are sure to ultimately lead to giving you a much-needed SERP boost.

Must note that the quality of backlinks matters a lot. DA, spam score, quality of content, link placement, and anchor text are some of the key things you must consider while building your backlink profile.

User-Friendly Mobile Experience 

This is a SERP-uplifting factor that most website owners compromise on. However, if you can use this pressure point and deliver a better user experience, you’re on the right track for business growth.

Ensure that your website provides the same top-notch UX regardless of the device that is being used. It will give you a competitive advantage over websites in the same niche as you that aren’t mobile-friendly. So don’t lose the opportunity to build on what 64% of SEO marketers suggest is a practical investment.

Content That Offers Quality 

High-quality content never goes out of style (quite literally!). It directly correlates to several SEO factors, including decreased bounce rates, more shares, and a higher probability of gaining organic backlinks.

As long as your content brings something new to the table, be sure that you are ahead of your SEO game. On the other hand, if your content is duplicated, it will have an adverse impact, as Google will decrease your crawl rate. So, ensure you have value to offer your customers with every new publication.


Content length is the easiest yet one of the most effective Google SERF practices you can adopt for the rapid growth of the business.

Yes, there is no way to write the perfect word count that will hit Google right on the spot. But SEO-based research shows that detailed and longer content is likely to rank more than incomplete and concise content. This is because long-form content gains more backlinks and increases the dwell time as well.

But the long-form article only performs better when your content matches the intent of the user. Otherwise, Google will bring some other page on top that properly answers users’ queries.

How Eighteenwebs Can Help You 

Ranking on Google can often seem like a complex chore at hand, but with the right expertise, it can be taken down. At Eighteenwebs, we can help sort everything out for you, beginning from Web design all the way to progressing in Google SERP. We have experts at work with the right SEO tricks up their sleeves, waiting to transform your business.

So, contact us today to explain your project in detail, and let us help you dominate the Google SERPs.

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