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In today’s age, having a strong online presence is essential if you want your business to succeed. With more than 88 billion visits to in March 2023 alone, a complete and up-to-date Google Business Profile is paramount. Whether your business is small or well-established, a well-built profile can help you stand out in today’s competitive market.

Read on to discover why Google Business Profiles matter and how they can help your business.

Why Are Google Business Profiles Important For SEO?

Search Engine Optimization improves the visibility and ranking of your company’s website in search engines. Search engines like Google use algorithms that determine the usefulness of web pages in response to what you search for. Google pushes local businesses to the top with a proper business profile to match users’ intent.

For instance, if a user sitting in Cape Coral searches for “Pizza spots near me,” then Google will instantly show all the Pizza business profiles in the area. That’s why a robust Google Business Profile can give you a significant boost in your local SEO. 

How you build your business profile can play a significant role in how well it will be ranked on Google. You want your website to be the first one people see when they search-relevant keywords. A well-optimized Google Business Profile can do just that.

Here are several reasons why having a Google Business Profile matters more than ever;

  • Insights To Helpful Information

With the help of a strong Google Business Profile (GBP), your business will be the first thing people see when they search for things relevant to the services your business offers. Apart from the link to your website, your company’s Google Maps location, contact number, store hours, and even its star rating will be visible. 

This makes it convenient for any potential customers to find out about your business and contact you. According to a BrightLocal report, 64 percent of users search for GBP to find a company’s contact information. 

  • Better Engagement With Customers

Feedback plays a major role in getting valuable insight into how you can improve your business and satisfy customers. With a Google Business Profile, customers can leave and read feedback just with a quick Google search. 

Positive reviews can improve your ranking in the search results and make customers more confident to try your product. You can also respond to any questions or complaints customers might have to build your reputation.

But make sure to keep all the information updated. Otherwise, 50 percent of customers avoid using a business whose contact information is outdated. 

  • Increases Visibility 

Creating a Google Business Profile can improve your business’s ranking in Google’s search engine and increase your overall exposure. Once your profile is complete with up-to-date and accurate information to advertise your business, Google will consider ranking it higher. 

This way, you have a better chance of making the top 3 local results on Google and Google Maps. Google Maps is especially important for smartphone users. In fact, more than a billion people use the feature every month.

  • Free Advertisement and Leads 

A Google Business Profile offers a fast and free way of advertising your business online. It can provide the many benefits of cost-advertising by exposing you to the world’s most used search engine, Google. 

Creating and verifying your profile on Google is cheaper and less time-consuming than running a search advertising campaign. Campaigns take way more time to run and are often a hit or miss.

More than 70 percent of customers go to the store based on the information they found online. And 16 percent of Google Business Profile listings receive more than 100 calls from customers monthly. It means GBP listing can be a source of free leads and even conversions.

Bottom Line

You can’t expect your business to grow online without keeping up with technology and Google’s latest ranking algorithms. Google Business Profiles are free to make and will help inform users about your business. Your business will be more visible and also benefit from increased customer engagement.

If you need help in increasing your online presence on Google for brand recognition, contact us today at Eighteen Webs Studio. We are well versed with Google’s ranking algorithms and know the most effective SEO techniques work to give you maximum exposure.

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