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When it comes to engaging customers in your online business, the first impression is usually the last. There are more than 9 million retailers on the internet, so customers have an abundance to choose from. What makes your website special is how you present it and hook users to your content.

However, many businesses don’t focus on updating their site and rely on outdated designs, poorly optimized web pages, etc. This article will explain why keeping your site updated and optimized is crucial to stay competitive.

Improving Performance Through Mobile Optimization 

There will be around 7.8 billion smartphones worldwide in 2028, which businesses shouldn’t ignore if they want to engage customers. Today, more than 63% of people use smartphones to interact with sites than using computers. A mobile-optimized site has a dedicated smaller version for smaller displays, with text-based phone numbers and email addresses that launch direct calls and emails.

You can reap multiple benefits by optimizing your site for smartphones and making it user-friendly, such as:

  • Improves the speed of your web pages which will improve Google rankings of your website.
  • Increases user engagement because a lot of people are on their phones. They’ll be able to interact with CTAs, comment sections, etc.
  • Users spend more time on your site and enhancing the chances of conversion.
  • Improves the performance of mobile SEO, which Google has integrated with their regular SEO.

Keeping Website Technology Updated 

Using the latest website technology is critical for optimum performance and making web pages simpler and faster. Otherwise, you can face different issues, such as:

  • Poor syncing with
  • frustrating user experience, and a high bounce rate.
  • Negative impact on SEO rankings, as search engines prefer SEO-optimized and responsive sites.

Updating Web Design 

A site with unattractive colors, complex navigation bars, and a non-responsive design can be off-putting for many users. That’s why hiring a qualified website designer who understands this task’s complexities and provides you with a responsive web design is crucial.

Keeping the target audience in mind while designing web pages is critical. For instance, if you sell shoes for Gen Z, you should use bright, youthful colors that speak to them. Similarly, you should use social media terminologies so they feel a genuine connection with you and understand that you care about them.

Ensuring Data Safety 

Users take their data security more seriously than ever, as approximately 15 million data breaches were recorded in the third quarter of 2022. Their personal and financial information is often stored on websites, making them highly vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches. If you have outdated security systems, hackers will take no time to take them down and steal valuable user data.

Therefore, updating your site regularly and updating the content management system (CMS) to avoid any data theft and other mishaps is critical.


From outdated web technologies to obsolete designs and poor SEO optimization, several factors can hamper the performance of your website. However, you can get around these and many other problems by working with Eighteen Webs, a professional digital marketing studio with more than 18 years of experience. From small brands to national-level companies, we work with a diverse range of clients.

After collaborating with us, you’ll have a refined web design, an effectively maintained site, and properly optimized UX and UI, along with SEO. These all will replicate into increasing your online presence while giving you a lot of conversions.

Contact us, and our team will handle the rest for you.

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